This is my online gallery showcasing my passion for photography to anyone who shares the same interests alongside current and prospecting clients.

The Danube, Budapest, Hungary
Edinburgh Castle

About Me

As you probably guessed my name is Nathan Straeker and I enjoy taking photos… lots of photos!

I am a huge car enthusiast which helps considering my current employment at Adaptive Vehicle Solutions Ltd allows me to induldge in possibly the greatest vehicles on the planet.

Aside from this, I infrequently game compared to my younger years, enjoy the occasional strum on a guitar and have a passion for all genres of music.

Favourite car: Ferrari 458 Spider
Favourite band: Dream Theater
Favourite album: Images & Words
Favourite camera: Sony A7R III
Favourite lens: Sony 70-200mm F2.8 GM
Favourite game: Ghost of Tsushima


A glimpse into my portfolio of the various I have worked on including automotive, wildlife, portrait and landscape photography. Click the images and you will be redirected to appropriate gallery.







Get In Touch

I am not limited to the above, if you have a photography requirement that isn’t listed please do not hesitate to contact me on the following details.

*Video work can be carried out upon request and pending project size/time frame.